"Oude dame met hoed" - 2013
Gemengde techniek op papier
  • Mede door het enthousiasme van de koper is dit schilderij bijzonder voor mij:

    “This portrait Masja is fantastic! It keeps me company everyday now, on the wall by the computer. It is such a powerful image it exudes light from within, therefore it is perfectly placed in my little dark corner where I am typing at the moment. I love the company of this eccentric lady, you can see she's been raised with discipline, but she managed to loosen up from it, and age coming, her elegance had gone slightly naughty... Your sketch is bold and the contrasts sharp, the light seems to pour from it. No way to hide from your sharp eye Masja, you got her wrinkles right, but she wears them with such panache, I am no longer afraid to get old, if I age as well as this!”

    Een schilderijenverzamelaar toonde later ook nog belangstelling en vond het jammer dat het niet meer te koop was.

    April 2017

  • "Portret" - 2013
    Houtskool op papier